Sister Love

Sister Love is an infant mortality reduction initiative for African-American women who are pregnant or have just recently given birth.


Program focus:

  • Care coordination and case management by trained outreach workers.
  • Health education and group support activities, comprised of an exercise component, home visitations, evaluations, and referrals to other agencies.
  • Assist moms in identifying early childhood goals, to encourage attainment of those goals, to identify developmental milestones, and make appropriate referrals to other agencies when needed.
  • Outreach workers follow-up when referrals are made
  • Incentives are integrated for participants


Barbers and Beauticians


Barbers and Beauticians is a community outreach program by both the Coalition and the Lee County Health Department.  The programs focuses on educating neighborhoods about factors that contribute to infant mortality, health disparities, and sudden infant death syndrome, HIV/Aids and parenting issues.




For more information about the Sister Love Program, contact Heather Garrity, Program Manager at  (919) 774-8144 ext. 204