Adolescent Parenting Program

The Adolescent Parenting Program is designed for adolescents who are pregnant or parenting.  The goal of the program is to prevent a secondary teen pregnancy, promote high school graduation, and provide age appropriate child development information.  The program serves up to 25 teens at any given time.


Program Focus

  • Offer group sessions and encourage each participant to attend.  Topics of group sessions include:
    • Parenting concerns
    • Healthy relationships/dating violence
    • Maternal and child health
    • Reproductive health and safety
    • Goal setting
    • Child development
    • Continuing education
  • Provide home visits (a minimum of once a month) and connect participants with maternal and child health information using the Partners for a Healthy Baby curriculum.
  • Offer incentives to encourage healthy, responsible choices
  • Help parents prepare their children for kindergarten
  • Offer parent education meetings that focus on a variety of parenting topics
  • Provide college tours to promote continued education
  • Provide additional outreach events for participants (Ex. Santa Nights, movie nights, exercise classes, etc.)

Program Requirements

  • Participants must be between the ages of 12-19.
  • In school or completing a GED
  • Participate in an in-home visitation parenting program (Parents as Teachers)
  • Attend group sessions (in school and outside of school)

For more information about The Adolescent Parenting Program contact Dometria Blair, Program Coordinator at 774-8144 ext. 216 or